​​Ghost River Ranch 

Property Owners' Association

Get Paid to Provide Water for the Cows
GRR is currently looking to provide additional water sources to facilitate the contract and to utilize the grazing opportunity on more acres of the ranch. GRR would pay $250.00 to property owners who may be willing to participate in providing water on their property. The grazing contract owner would provide all equipment, materials and labor to establish the water source from an existing well. Property owners who participate could also utilize the water source for their own livestock.

The local Natural Resource Conservative Service (NRCS) also has a cost share program that is offered

to property owners who may be willing to drill a new well on their property for cattle water.

The contract would be between the interested property owner and the NRCS, not GRR.

If anyone is interested in participating in providing additional water sources for grazing cattle

or has questions, please contact one of the board members for additional information.

AG Exemption Power Of Attorney
If you have NOT filed the Agricultural Tax Exemption Power of Attorney with Huerfano County Tax Assessor, you should do so immediately.

If you do not have a form on file with the County, you will lose the Ag exemption and your taxes will increase significantly.

Once lost, it takes a minimum of 3 years to

re-establish the Ag exemption on your parcel(s).

The Grazing Lease POA form is available above and should be mailed to:  

Bruce Quintana

Huerfano County Assessor's Office

401 Main St.
  Walsenburg, CO  81089

Colorado Department of Agriculture 
Open Range and Fencing Statute

Key Elements

  • If owners want to keep livestock off their property, they must fence the livestock out.  
  • The statue defines a "lawful fence" as a well-constructed three barbed wire fence with substantial posts set at a distance of approximately twenty feet apart, and sufficient to turn ordinary cattle, with all gates equally as good as the fence, or any other fence of life efficiency.
  • The fence must be properly maintained and gates kept closed.
  • Colorado fence laws favor the livestock owner and put the duty of protecting property on the landowner.
  • It is recommended that landowners should obtain a full updated copy of the statues at www.colorado.gov/ag before taking any action in regards to fencing laws.
  • The livestock owner on Ghost River Ranch is Jarod Mower at (719) 252-2572.