​​Ghost River Ranch 

Property Owners' Association


Effective 3/24/2022, the BoD has received three (3) bids for the 2022 Yearly Road Maintenance.  The BoD will review and have more information available at the April 16, 2022 Meeting.  

Hanson Construction & Excavation LLC will be providing road maintenace for GRR for 2022.  

Road Maintenance

2022 ROAD MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE (Total Budgeted $36,000)

Road Work Completed in January 

     Carlson from arroyo to CR 110 - 11 loads of roadbase with gravel & grading - $8030

Routine Grading

All Roads (2-3 day project) - April/July/October - $6000 Budgeted


Begin on July 5th and work until completed or until the budget of $20,000 is met

     Big Vista about 900' south of Johnson Mesa - Add 75 tons of roadbase

     Yellowbird - Add 150 tons of roadbase

     Old Homestead - Rework ditches for proper drainage & add 100-125 tons of roadbase

     Carlson in front of lot 52 at the low curve point - Add 12 tons of roadbase

     Mustang Road at Carlson - Add roadbase roughly 60 yards from the intersection

     Lonesome Whistle - Add 100-125 tons of roadbase

     Painted Sky - Hanson's will provide a separate quote for Painted Sky Road at the train trestle. 


All work areas are estimates provided verbally by Hanson's on 7/5/2022 and Hanson's will determine the scope of the project as they progress.  They will address the drainage issues which will include reworking ditches, cleaning out the culvert's, cleaning out the cattle guards, etc.  And, of course, all work areas will be graded when adding roadbase.  The roads listed above are in no particular order.  Hanson's will prioritize according to need/budget.   

Roadbase with gravel will be used which is better suited than what was used in the past.  The roadbase is more porous, better quality and thus, better for drainage.  


Please keep in mind that the roads on the ranch grant GRR POA a 60' easement.  Please do not place fences in the easements so the ditches can be maintained for proper drainage.  Gates over the easements are not allowed without a variance issued from the Board.


Please consider adding gravel to the base of your driveway where water runoff causes damage to our roads.  And, proper grading of your driveway, if it runs downhill toward the road, is important for maintenance and will keep our costs down.  


And, please slow down, as excessive speeds damage the road surfaces and cause washboarding.  

The roads will be plowed when we have a minimum of 4" of snow but may vary based on water content of snow.

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